the janak

 The Janak

Central Court

The objective was clear- to create a fun and light hearted space that balances customer experience and functionality. Udaai came up with a plan that conveys a fun space full of quirky and whimsical details. Central court sports a modern industrial look with exposed ducting.

Its design was inspired by his strive to connect the space with the Cineplex on the top floor.

Art is a deeply satisfying means of expressing ones thoughts and ideas. In public spaces like restaurants and food courts, the position of the art is believed to have the power to attract customers. Thus, in order to create an emotional connection with the customers, the walls were splashed with illustrations of Bollywood actors and villains fighting over food.

Being experimental and inventive by nature, he decided to incorporate art within the sky blue colored pendant lights making for mesmerizing focal points. Udaai enjoys adopting new materials and approaches to express his creativity.

While most would consider vertical structural support an obstruction, Udaai had other plans. He decided to embrace the columns by making them the most prominent feature in the space. He wanted the columns to tell a story...... (pixel) 

My aim was to offer an experience which goes beyond what happens inside the Cineplex. I wanted to create a space with a strong personality and a gentle sense of humor.

Attractive, innovative and at the same time widely appealing.